Why choose Powerstar?

Powerstar are global leaders in voltage optimisation and we are proud to be one of their approved partners. We are entrusted on bringing their award winning solutions to the UK industry.

What you can expect from us:

A high quality UK manufactured solution An engineering solution designed and manufactured to optimise your energy demand Flexible finance options Guaranteed savings offered on all voltage optimisation systems Up to 15 years warranty available (10 yrs outside of UK, Australia & Cyprus)

Clique Energy & Powerstar work in partnership to deliver the Powerstar range of products to UK industry. Working closely with the Powerstar team enables us to provide an unrivalled service to all business sectors.

Powerstar’s voltage optimisation solutions have been installed globally into thousands of sites. Their experience covers a wide range of clients including; prestigious landmark sites, multi-site and multi-asset corporate installations, small, medium and large commercial sites, domestic installations and even single installations for private and public sector business.

By managing your sites incoming voltage to meet the design needs of your equipment we ensure you only pay for the electricity you need to use.

Powerstar offer a variety of products – LITE, MAX and HV MAX – All systems are designed and manufactured to suit each individual site needs which can optimise voltage from both the high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) sides.


Waste Reduction

Powerstar technologies cut excess energy consumption and reduce waste by generating negative power (Back EMF)

100% Savings

Savings from Powerstar’s VO systems are 100% guaranteed. Analysis is based on recognised IPMVP methodology

Funding & Finance

Flexible finance options are available so all of the benefits of Powerstar can be enjoyed with none of the up-front cost

Carbon Reduction

The Powerstar range allows customers to significantly reduce their Carbon Footprint and CO2 emmisons.